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Documentation for the application will be divided in three different sections, each one directed to a different type of usage of the tool.

The first one will be de user documentation. We consider standard users, those who will just execute and work with a report, without creating or manipulating it.

The second profile is administrator. We consider administrator those who will administrate and reports of the application. An administrator should know how reports are created and modified, and must have a deeper knowledge of the usage of the application.

The last profile is the developer. Developers are the ones who try to approach to the source code of the application, either to collaborate with the project or to integrate this software to their own project. The documentation for developers has information about design, principal classes and javadoc. We also recommend reading the first two sections.

Also, as an additional documentation for any level, there is a movie with an example of how to use the wizard for report generation from SQL queries, and other xml tools.
Download movie

Finally, for J2EE server-client version there is a small tutorial to start using it, based on jboss application server.