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Magallanes Products

JMagallanes Project contains different products which provide an extensive platform for the analysis of company's information. The open source software JMagallanes Olap and Reports is one of them.

But the project also has other products, which still are not open source, and are offered as a part of the JMagallanes Project.
This additional components are JMagallanes Datawarehouse and JMagallanes Web.

JMagallanes Datawarehouse is an extension for the Olap & Reports product, which allows the user to work efficiently with large data sources. This tool uses a data base server (which may be embedded or external), to create a datawarehouse repository of the report data, resulting in a much more efficient use of the information. The access to data is direct and an intelligent query mechanism discards the unnecessary information to reduce significantly the memory usage, process usage, and response time.


  • Brings the possibility of execution of reports with huge data   sources
  • Intelligent query execution to reduce time and memory usage
  • Cache mechanism in a RDBMS

JMagallanes Web is a web interface for the reports of JMagallanes Olap & Reports. Is based in the JPivot tool and presents a dynamic, flexible and light visualization without extra requirements for the client. This application runs over any web server supporting java (JSP) like Tomcat.

It uses the flexibility of JPS, JavaScript and HTML it self to generate a visualization of the pivot table, without loosing the functionality of the Swing interface.

It also presents additional features like table pagination mechanism (to work with large reports, also useful with Datawarehouse), or searching values inside the table.

You may see screenshots of this product here.
If you are interested and needs more information about any of this products, please click

Here you can see a list of organizations that use our products.

Introductory Offer

Up to end of this year 2006 we offer a special package for promotion of the recently launched products. The package contains the following products and services:

  1. Server
  2. Swing Client
  3. Development tools
  4. Web Client
  5. Job/Scheduler
  6. Datawarehouse
  7. 2 incident by month for one year

This offer is available for $3000. If you are interested, please contact us.

NOTE: price expressed in US dollars