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Grupo Calipso is the company supporting JMagallanes development.
At the moment, we are making different implementations of JMagallanes software, also doing support tasks, special developments and functional analysis to create the best reports for each bussiness.

Thanks to our experience whit the tool, we could offer a support service, cube construction or other developments. Our support schema contains the following options:

Support Description Price
Installation Support for installation and configuration (up to 3 incident of middle complexity)
u$s 50
Incident Support for a single incident
u$s 150
3 Incident Promotion package, support for 3 incidents
u$s 270

NOTE: price expressed in US dollars

We also offer other products related to JMagallanes, like the web interface and tools for efficient management of large data sources.

If you are interested in any of this services, please click here

Here you can see a list of organizations that are using our services.