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This tutorial is intended to support the user in the installation of the client-server version based on the J2EE architecture, using any Application Server. In this case we use jboss as example. Once installed, you may learn the general use of the application reading the other documentations.

You should first download the J2EE version (something as: jmagallanes-0.9_j2ee.zip).

When the file is unzipped the "client" and "server" directories are created. "server" contains all the files needed to install jmagallanes in the application server and "client" all the files needed to execute the client program.

It is necessary to install the application server first. This tutorial is based on the jboss application server (http://www.jboss.com/products/jbossas). server The installation of this software is really simple, and it is documented in it's page. Once installed, you need to load the jmagallanes server. You need to follow this steps:

  1. Copy to the /bin dir of jboss all the files inside server/jboss-home.bin
  2. Copy to the /server/default/lib dir of jboss (if you want to use the default instance of the server) all the files in server/lib
  3. Init the jboss server using "run" inside /bin dir in jboss. In Windows use run.bat and in Linux use run.sh.
  4. Copy to /sever/default/deploy dir of jboss the server/jmagallanes-server.jar file.

In the screen of jboss you should see the successful deploy statement. Finally, execute the application using the startup.bat in Windows or startup.sh in Linux inside "client" dir.

NOTE: if you want to use a different server (that is, to execute the server in one machine and the client in other), in the client file /client/ReportGeneratorConfiguration.properties, the following properties should be modified: to specify the host use DistributedHost (you may specify either the ip or the host name) and for the port use DistributedPort.